A/JD 2179 WA
Car: Butler Built Junior Dragster
Paint: Black body vinyl wrapped
Interior: 5 point harness
Engine: 3-1/2” ZR4 Race engine
Transmission: Shockwave O/D Clutch
Diff: Billet splined axle
Wheel: Beadlock 18 x 8
Tyres: Mickey Thompson
Class: A/JD & B/JD
Quickest ET: 7.920 eighthmile
Fastest time: 81.4mph
2011/12 is Stuarts first full season racing. After fitting a new motor and getting to know the car he has already picked up a trophy for a Best reaction time and has been setting some good times.• Semi finals on the Top Fuel meet
Quarter finals on the Night of Fire and the Grand Final Finished overall 13th Best reaction time B/JD 0.005 3rd place qualifier Western Nationals
2010/2011 Junior Dragster Fast Friday Championship Semi finals on the final fast Friday Top qualifier with a perfect 0.000 reaction time.
2012/13 Fast friday champion
Fast Friday winner 14/12/1