B/JD 2668 TAS

Must say am a bit on the sad side to be on the ship with the shed mouse in tow ….. Been a big 10.5 months…. Seen a fair bit of the country 25000ks in tow car , 20 odd race meetings wind rain hail even snow at one stage , have learnt so much from so many ppl , too many to mention , made lots of new friends in the junior dragster world ,some may not see again and some will keep contact , seeing these kids laugh and have fun and also seeing the disappointment in there eyes when it don’t go how it should , most importantly in my eyes was seeing Brooke grow into a true drag racer willing to help everyone give them a hand when and where ever she could, but as soon as that second stage light was on the race face was on and it was just her. She learnt the art from her old man of left foot operation with right foot flat…… We wanted a 8 second pass in the old car and achieved it at her favourite track in Sydney…….. All drag racers strive to win a nationals … After a few outs in the semis ,Brooke finally broke thru to get what a lot of us dream of …. So could say we achieved what we really wanted to ,so thanks to all the junior family the kids the parents for making us welcome , and thanks to all other racers that had any kind of hand in making Brooke’s time on the big island enjoying and educational. Maybe be back in a few years in another class …….
Greg Fazza Farrelly