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B/JD 4894 VIC
Brodie grew up around the smell of tyres burning and the passion of drag racing.
For years I`ve watched my parents go down the track. I would often spend most of my weekends at Calder Park. And as I grew older my passion for drag racing grew bigger and bigger. The two people who got me into racing was Mum and Dad .Parents all week and Crew Chiefs on the weekend. Every time I walked past the Junior section I kept thing Man!! I would love to drive one of those. When I dug up the courage to ask Dad without hesitation he said yes. The rest is history !! [Excerpt Dragway Magazine]
Brodie has now come to the end of her Junior career [aged out] and looks to move on to bigger things. Moving into her teenage years she was the one the younger Juniors gravitated to and looked up to her just to “hang” with Brodstar.[2016]. Her next move looks to be some training in Mum`s car then a drive of her own. We wish her all the best for the future.