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B/JD 1944 QLD

Date of Birth – 25-08-2006 Bobbie started Motorsports in Motocross at the age of 4 years old and was quite successful with her racing on the dirt until she had an injury and felt that Junior Drag Racing would be a safer option . At 8 years of age Bobbie was licensed in C/JD and ran for one season before having a break from Juniors for 18 months. Bobbie returned to Juniors in a car that she was fortunate to Lend from Trapnell Family Racing until she could take delivery of her older sister Taylah-Leigh’s car when she aged out of A/JD. With the help and assistance of Dylan Leo and Taylah-Leigh , Bobbie was able to transition smoothly into her new car and run in B/JD that she is currently campaigning and loving. Drag Racing is a fantastic sport for Bobbie as she has been diagnosed with Autism and High Anxiety. As team sports are a very difficult thing for Bobbie to Process and participate in Drag Racing offers Bobbie a sport that she is comfortable to participate in surrounding herself with great people. Bobbies future goals are to enjoy Juniors and one day move up to Nitro Categories. Bobbies Drag Racing Idol is Kelly Bettes.