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A/JD 4195 WA
MARANGAROO junior dragster racer Alicia Naylor has trumped rivals at major national event Winternationals, making her the first WA female to reach finals.
 At Queensland’s Willowbank Raceway event in June, the 15-year-old was not only named champion but was also awarded the Louie Rapisarda Memorial Trophy.
Naylor fronted the event off the back of a win at the WA Drag Racing Grand Final, and with the competition coming down to an all-WA final against Phil Stewart, she again proved triumphant.
While Naylor was always going to be hard to beat with smart reaction times and a consistent car, Stewart red-lighted away any chance of challenging her for the coveted Australian National Drag Racing Association Gold Christmas Tree Trophy. “It was awesome, an amazing experience,” Naylor said
Alicia has raced for the last time in juniors 2012
We will be removing all the stickers off the car and having a small celebration. So far two of the Naylors have driven the ex-Hort car and both have done really well.
A new generation starts next season. Sad but just a new beginning.
“It’s pretty tough; you have to be able to have good reaction times and know when to stop and when to go, but it is a major adrenaline rush.”
Following in the footsteps of her father Mike and older brother Rhys, Naylor started racing a year and a half ago and is now in her second season as a junior.
“Dad has been racing since before I was born and then my brother got into (junior racing) but he’s too old to race now so I moved into his car,” she said.
“It’s just great fun and different and it is something you don’t see everyday.”