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To our small driver Ashleigh Pinkstone you started the 2019 racing season as a C/JD with the baby motor we stepped you up slowly then put the big motor in just after the winters where our testing started to slow you down. You always had a smile on your face and followed our instructions perfectly. You came into the weekend 2 points behind in the championship. unfortunately you car stumbled in round 1 and it took you out of the running for the championship. However honestly that doesn’t matter as you have come leaps and bounds in your 2 full years of racing and I am so proud of everything you have achieved. Now we will take some time out from racing to give your race car some loving ahead of our next chapter of racing. We gots this bring on 2020

 Jaidyn & Caleb went to the final round of the QDRC & both in the mix of contention for the championship. Both boys drove unbelievably great worked really hard on the cars to keep them consistent. We have never been so nervous in all our racing career as we were yesterday – willing, wanting and hoping for them to do the best they can and that’s exactly what they did! Caleb was one race win away from second in the championship and Jaidyn managed to bring home the bacon. Caleb cut killer lights all day & made it all the way through to the semi finals knowing this race has to be won at the tree he gave it his all trying to cut down the tree but red lit. After already securing the championship in the third round Jaidyn made it all the way to the final & had a cracker of a race cutting a brilliant light again only to have a misfire to run off his dial in. We are so proud of the boys in how they conducted themselves and drove their Race Cars… we couldn’t be prouder!!! — with Jaidyn Seng and Caleb Seng.

Aeroflow Nitro Funny Cars / QDRC …..Jessie’s first race meeting.
On track Friday night to run 3 x more A/class licensing passes. Now the holder of official A/JD licence.
Back on track Saturday for the first time running against other cars. Very first paired pass Jessie vs Ricki-Lee Dransfield in qualifying… good close race but Ricki-Lee took care of the new rookie with a 8.12@79.28mph over Jessie’s 8.25@80.25mph….
First round of elimination……somebody was very nervous  and the adrenaline was pumping. Had to give away a 2.5 second head start and chase …unfortunately that green light did not come on soon enough and Jessie left a big red cherry behind for the red light loss 
Summing it all up……great experience had/lots of fun/new friends made and learned a lot from other JD families.

What a day! So many people to thank for getting us through it… firstly the very generous Reece Carkeet for lending us his car to tow the race car after my Pajero broke down last night, Stephen Smith for stopping off at Willowbank on his way home from Sydney spending the day dealing with the drama, Fanie Stephan Gouws for helping fix the broken carby and getting Caitlyn Bradley back on the track for second round and Kyle Magner ‘s parents for their help and encouragement after our carby flew off the car! And Reece’s gorgeous mum for bringing me coffee after my carby meltdown lol and lastly the beautiful Jessica Saggers & Mercedes Telford for helping on track THANK YOU everyone

2 years ago I thought I’d give drag racing a crack and what a year 2019 turned out to be. The highest of highs and a few lows along the way
Firstly, thank you to my sponsor Justin Simpson from Horsepower Solutions hps for your continued support this year!
A massive, massive thank you to Dale Duffy and Peter Duffy – without you guys I wouldn’t have had such a killer car!
Unfortunately, we didn’t end the season the way we wanted – finishing 9th (going out rd 1 due to a red but hey I’ll better that next year
Thanks to everyone that supports me win or lose and especially mum and dad for taking so much time out to let me enjoy doing what I love.
I’ve come away from this year as the Junior Dragster 2018/2019 400 Thunder Champion, Winternationals Winner and Top Qualifier and a QDRC Round runner up.
To my extended racing family – thanks for a great year and can’t wait for the 2020 season to get underway