Thunder 400 event at Willowbank saw Kyle picking up the gold and Darci from up Mackay way getting her first tree into runner up. Darci had a great run including top qualifier.

After smashing up a camshaft and primary clutch!
We were able to put the engine back together in time to face up to Round2 at Qld’s Willowbank Raceway | Drag Racing’s Finest
Car ran consistently throughout the three qualifying rounds.
Then into Eliminations- My first round was a solo pass with 8.05 on a 8.04 dial.
Second round win with a 8.06 on a 8.05 dial but then was taken out in third round where I ran 8.054 on a 8.05 dial against my opponent running a 8.881 on a 8.88 dial with a great R/T that I couldn’t beat.
Some tough racing this weekend against some tough junior drivers. Huge thanks to Raffaele Perri for your help.