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What a fantastic 2nd round of Summit Racing at Benaraby Raceway. Ticked a number of firsts off my racing bucket list.
First round of racing I lost against Andrew Tinney but pulled my first perfect reaction time of 0.000 ran 12.17 on a 12.08 losing the race by 10cm.
Second round against Tayla Kelly reaction time was 0.06 mum dialled up to a 12.12 and I ran a 12.12.
Third round was against Cameron Hope, the only other C car at the meeting. Mum dialled down to a 12.08 and I ran 12.08 with the worst reaction time of the day of .452. Cameron went too fast.
This put me in the finals against my sister and teammate Emma who had 3/3 races.
Mad rush to get back to the stage lanes, started up, crossed the water and the car stopped. Mum forgot to turn the fuel on!!! I was lucky to be running Emma or I wouldn’t have been able to run the race (Mum next time YOU breathe and relax).
Dialled in 12.08 and ran a 12.37 with a 0.002 reaction time. The car ran a bit off because it didn’t have time to cool down.
Emma deep staged and went too fast … I WON my first ever final♡♡♡♡
Thank you to my sponsors, Queensland Mustang and Camaro Spares for your sponsorship, making sure mum has lollies, and encouragement. Paul Garside for your support, advice and letting me make my special sauce for your steak, and golf buggy rides. David Roderick, Sarah Langridge and Ashleigh for the encouragement, fist bumps, stickers and golf buggy rides.
Special thanks to Mum, Dad, Brian and Emma for letting me live my dream while encouraging me to be strong.
Thank you to all the other junior racers, volunteer track staff, Shagga and parents.
Congratulations Jaidyn Seng on top qualifier.[Sky]

Well we finished the day with 2nd qualifier 1 win and 2 red lights. They say red lights are a sign you are trying hard. I will leave this report with that.