Junior Nationals all done and C/JD went to Alex winner and Mason Runner up.
B/JD Zac winner and Chelsea runner up.
A/JD Jake Winner and Oscar runner up

Junior National Champion is Brodie from Stephanie
A big thanks to Vereen Elwood and all the teams that sent me photos.

Weekend done and dusted. Sadly we broke out in the first round. Came out for a grudge run and run within 4/100th of our previous with very consistent lights.
Well done Brodie Zappia who took home the Coolshirt with a great win.
Was a great weekend, saw old friends and made plenty of new ones.
Great nights Friday, Saturday and Sunday after racing.
Many thanks to our sponsors who support us and help us to do what we love.
Riverside Mechanical, Scruffy, Cajed Racewear, 89 Enterprises, ACS Computers, M Print, WA Suspensions
Love this great sport of ours and special thanks to the Big Bash Clan for all your help [Green]

 Was an amazing weekend at the 2019 Junior Nationals. Had a few problems over the weekend that we got fixed and still had a couple of good runs. Zara and I finally had a race against each other and I promise I let her win that race was amazing to catch up with everyone again and to race at Sunset Strip. Unfortunately we won’t be able to make it to the next Junior Nationals but maybe we will have a different driver in the car for the 2021 Junior Nationals.
I would like to thank my mum, dad and little sister for putting up with me on this drive down and back. I would also like to thank my sponsors
Speedy’s Diff
Powercruise Promotions
Snapon South Wollongong
JS Customs
Liquid Clothing
Tony’s Smash
I would also like to thank Kingsley and his crew for putting on another amazing event [Smith]

Fantastic weekend very proud parents. Todd did extremely well getting faster and gaining confidence. Making through to round 2 on Sunday. A big thanks to all our friends and family that popped out to support him or sent messages of support, he really appreciated it. Big thanks to Caroline Milics for coming over from Adelaide 
Also congrats to his buddy Mason And also to his hero Brodie Zappia.Thanks to the Sunraysia Drag Racing Association for putting on a brilliant event. [Wagner]