Desert Nationals in Alice Springs once again saw some great racing with only 11 in the field. Brodie now in A/JD got into the final with Sarah and survived to win the event. Darwin teen Aiden top qualified and we saw Rookie Cooper having his first run in Juniors.

Wow… What can I say about this weekend? It still feels surreal. Here’s a run down of all my passes this weekend:
Day 1
Q1 8.298@80.65mph
Q2 8.275 NSR
Q3 8.020@82.27mph
Q4 8.007@82.72mph
Day 2
Q5 8.042@82.87mph
E1 8.052@80.65mph defeated Tommy Turic
E2 8.017@82.87mph BYE
SEMI 8.050@81.97mph defeated George Limperis
FINAL 8.062@81.82mph defeated Sarah Donnelly

This has been one of the best race meetings I’ve raced at.. I’ve always enjoyed competing at regional tracks and to come away with a win is such a big bonus. I came close in 2015 but narrowly missed out, with Josh Baker beating me on a holeshot.

ASID will always be a special racetrack to me. I was lucky enough to cut my first .000 light here in 2014 and cut my second one the following year. I’ve had plenty of fun with all my racing mates that I’ve made over the years from all over Australia.

Thank you to everyone that made this trip happen.

Uncle John Zappia
B.L. & S.G. Lake “Scruffy”
Mike Sprlyan from ACS Computers
Gordon T Crawford “The Moving Man”
Sam Zavaglia for your technical support

Nikolas Karanovic and Mick Osborne for the great photos of my car taken throughout the weekend.

Thanks to all the ASID track staff, volunteers and support crew, for making us feel so welcome. Thanks to Ray Treasure for running a great meeting

It is great to start the season with a win going into the 2019/20 ANDRA Summit Sportsman Series Championship.

And thank you everyone for the ongoing support, and I hope to see you around next year at the Desert Nationals!

Aidan Abel Top Qualifier with an 8.001 and Brodie 2nd Qualifier with 8.007.

After an awesome weekend racing, we made it to the semi finals. This meeting was a great way to set us up for the rest of the season. A massive thanks to the sponsors for their continuous support.

VPW Australia
Stella Pizza Cafe – Altona
Mobile Electrical Services P/L