Hey Kids the bottom line is at some stage we race to win………..However The reality is there is only one winner!!

BUT the challenges we can face and achieve are wins in itself be it personal or racing.
What are some of those challenges?
1. Helping to present yourself, your car and your crew in safe race condition.
Remember if you are lucky enough to have sponsors including Mum and Dad [Your major sponsors $$$$] supporting you, presenting and promoting them will help them remember you later in your racing career when you will need that support to continue racing in the sport you love.
2  Improving your reaction times.
3. Running PB`s on your dial ins.
4. Run your race to the best of your ability.

If you are lucky enough to make the podium or be presented with any trophy or award practice to thank the Mums and Dads, your crew and your sponsors.

Junior Dragster Australia is here for you remember a team report or any news after a race meeting put it together and we are only to happy to publish it for you. Remember this is another way to promote people that help you.