Round one of the Atura Series kicked off in Sydney with James out of the blocks with a win from Chelsea.

First round of racing done for 2019 and I made my first final. Dial in was on point running a 7.972 on my 7.97 dial in but still lost the final due to my bad light ?? I think the nerves kicked in a bit. I would like to thank my sponsors Speedys diff, Powercruise Promotions, APM, Liquid Clothing, JS Customs and Tony’s Smash. I would also like to thank my mum, dad and sister for being my crew. Thanks James Hazzard for an amazing race. Bring on the 2019 Atura Track Championship. And thank you Daniel Fardella for letting me try the Coolshirt today

Well it was a great first round of the track championship, Charlie qualified in number one with a 8.011, and was bumped off in the last session by a 8.009. In Q3 we developed a misfire/stutter of the start, and ran a lazy 8.39, after making a few changes to try and correct it, we ran the Perri,s and we dodged a bullet when Perri redlit, as it misfired again and ran a 8.38. The decision was made to just run it and back the dial in off in Round 2 against James Hazzard. You wouldn’t believe it we dialed in 8.38, and the car decides to not misfire off the hit, so Charlie pedals it six times to try and slow it up but breaks out with a 8.25 to James’s awesome 8.04 on 8.04. It was great to see Chelsea Smith and James Hazzard in the Final with James taking the win. The Junior kids are just the most awesome and supportive bunch, and to see them all on the start line in the semis and final was a sight to see. Looking forward to seeing you all again at round 2. Special thanks to our sponsor Jeff Gough and the team at Liverpool Glass for there continued support.