Home from another great weekend of racing in Portland. Our 1st race meet with the new car. Keen eyes will notice a new race number, with 6445 gone, welcome 606 An angel number and also Sarah’s birthday June 2006.
Started on Friday with a very sweaty 6 1/2 drive in 40 degree heat with 3 kids jammed in the back with no air con. (Welcome to how we used to do back in the ‘70s.)
Got to Portland in time to roll the car out and get ready for racing. Weather was warm and car ran beautiful for 8.59 and two 8.68s. Happy considering we took a guess at setup to get to 8.50
Saturday we awoke to a very misty, cold, horrible day. Looked like there would be no racing but the track staff did their magic and away we went. 2 qualifiers and 3 round shootout.
A little mistake in Round 2 of the shootout saw us get ‘driven around’ at the finish line and that put us out of being in the final.
All good, so the last run we decided to go all out and came in with an awesome .005 light and a very handy 8.53. A great ‘tune up’ for the championship round back here in a month. [DragnFly]

What an awesome day a Portland Holly Camilleri winning junior Dragster thanks to Daniel for an awesome race thanks to Budgie Bugeja for help could not have done it with out you thanks to Anne Camilleri and Brooke Camilleri for the best crew we could ask for. [Camilleri]

Great day at Southcoast Drag Strip. Chicago shootout Portland . Undecided if we were going to go due to weather. Day turned out to be a great race meet. Not bad came Runnersup, Congratulations Holly Camilleri on the win. Next race meet-Summit Round in January back here again at Portland . [Carranza]