Rockstars come out to play!!

I had the good fortune to attend the Inaugural Junior Dragster Nationals held at the Sunset Strip in Mildura and get to meet and rub shoulders with  Rockstars. Yes I know Kelly Bettes was there [ Im a big fan Kel thanks the kids you raced will never forget that] But these kids are the real Rockstars of drag racing.
I saw kids preparing and checking safety gear with Mum, Dad, Nana, Pop and the other crew members [ more kids ]. Saw them stage to race each other then jump out of the car up the top end run to congratulate each other win or lose. Waited while they complained that their hair was blowing in the wind, the suns too bright where are my sunnies but they got the poses on like true Rockstars. Back in the pits it was off to make more friends, help another junior with a part or discuss their run times and tactics or just go play footy or skate board. Big kudos to the Kuchels and crew for getting this going and keeping it going great stuff, Natalie Bishop a former Junior National champ race Director on the day putting back into the kids. Thanks to all the parents making me welcome it was great to meet you all.

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  • Junior Nationals 2018
    Put simply what a great weekend! I like to keep these short and sweet but so many great things happened in the 3 days. Unfortunately Friday night testing was rained out and we had some trying moments in the heavy rain and strong wind just keeping everything dry and on the ground. Got saturated in the process but everything and everyone survived. Firstly, things went fantastic for us on Saturday with 5 great runs in windy conditions including winning all 3 round robin runs to take us straight to the final for B/JD. Sarah drove so well and we just stuck to our routine and ended up banking our first ever win. It was amazing. After a lot of time/effort to get this car fast and consistent we finally got some reward which was extremely satisfying. Thank you to everyone who congratulated us.
    Saturday night started with a presentation dinner where all racers, families, officials came together for a beautiful meal put on by the track and a few drinks. Sarah received her prize money and trophy and spoke very well in front of the big crowd thanking all our supporters. Very proud moment for us.
    Sunday morning was upon us in a blink of an eye and it was freezing cold. Once again the car ran super consistent in trying/windy conditions and after 3 qualifiers we where confident with our position. We lined up for round 1 against Jake Berias who is currently having a great run and leading the championship. A great racing family, and friends, we were hoping to get ‘one’ back after they knocked us off in Alice Springs 2 weeks ago. After a ‘killer’ .020 reaction time, we gave ourself every chance but in the flukey wind conditions missed our dial in running a 8.65 on a 8.60. Jake ran a perfect 7.97 and got around us. Congrats again mate. The car ran 3 8.65 passes in a row so lesson learned for next time!
    We were having too much fun for the weekend to end so we decided to try some things on the car and run some ‘grudgies’
    We organised a run against Zara Board from W.A in what was a light hearted Vic vs WA battle. We ran a ‘fastest all weekend’ 8.54 but ‘lost’ to a tight red light. After 14 runs in 2 days our Nationals was over but we loved every single second. A win, happy car, happy team, great meet, great friends it was even better than hoped for.
    Kingsley, Lauren, Natalie Bishop and team at Mildura on a great meet,
    Matt, Sally, Baillie from CBH Racing for a awesome weekend and taking up the buggy.
    Allirah Kardum for winning C/JD on Saturday.
    Ben Young from Young Family Racing on his Runner up.
    Alan Ward for his usual great work on the microphone and some great interviews.
    Mark from Sporting Scribe for live streaming the event worldwide.
    Kelly Bettes for turning up and racing the kids and some great words at the presentation.
    Brodie Zappia on winning the Anita Board Sportsmanship trophy.
    We would also like to say it was great to finally meet Doug Green who helped us getting our Necksgen from the USA and Ian, Sonja and Zara Board whose strength and poise after what they have been through is truely amazing.
    Finally, we were proud to be sponsors of this great event with the programs and Kelly’s business, Landwoods Conveyancing.
    The effort that went into this from numerous people/racers was fantastic and was proof what can be achieved.
    A truely memorable event for the kids and parents alike.
    Bring on the 2019 Nationals!  [Thanks Mick]
What an awesome weekend at the 2018 junior dragster nationals in Mildura, we had an awesome time and met some great people. Seeing all the kids buzzing around the pits was a sight to see. Definitely coming back next year with two cars. Thank you Kingsley and the team for making us feel welcome. It’s a credit to you guys how smoothly everything went. And to Charlie… you son blow me out every time you get into that racecar, the sportsmanship you have, I am so proud to be your dad. I just want to thank everyone who help and support us in our junior racing… My beautiful wife Mel, my cyclone Archie, Vaughan Greentree, Ben Gatt, my mum Sharon Kaye Boskovich, Jeff Gough from Liverpool Glass, Joe Princi Connie Princi, Garry Humphreys, Chase Wynne Jeremy Wynne, Dave Sardelich, Jarred Boskovich from MadMetal werx, Josh Boskovich Nicole Boskovich, Sorry if I’ve missed anyone. See you all again soon!!!!
Wow what an awesome meeting. The Junior Nationals are run and done and we are nearly back to the normal daily grind.
To Kingsley Kutchel and the team at the track thanks for taking this on and running a faultless two days of racing. It reminded me of the good days of racing and how it should be.
Also many thanks to Jayne and Anthony Begley at 89 Enterprises and Scruffy for supporting our race meet journey and ends ours.
To our other sponsors – Riverside Mechanical (Smith Family), Formula Tech Performance, Cajed Racewear you support means the world to us. And we shouldn’t have been able to do what we do.
To Ian and Sonja Board and Richard and Lia Zappia many thanks for everything – coming on board with us, all the small and large details and making the kids trip as awesome as it has been..
To Vereen thanks for coming along for the drive and all of your help with food, introductions and media you did an awesome job.
Glenn and Jodie Smith, Dave Paget and Vereen for getting the trailer fixed after a broken axle at the beginning of the trip.
Corrinna for support Lucas in his racing endeavors.
Phil, Sarah Lamattina and family and Kelly Bettes thank you for your support and bringing a special buzz to the race meet and sharing some great memories.
Alan, Michael, Mike and Hayley for your media support and making the kids the stars of the show. You all rocked.
Most importantly to all of the race teams and the racers. You guys made the race meet special and an absolute privilege to attend. It’s been a great opportunity to meet other families who all share a common goal.
Well done to all the winners, the 5 West Aussie teams who travelled and everyone who worked to make this a huge success.
Well where do we start the Sunset Strip Junior Nationals is one of the best event we have ever been to.
Qualifying for the Chicago shoot out went well. Georgia won two out of three races which wasn’t enough to get into the final.
Saturday night was dinner in the club house and presentation and what a awesome time we had and the best part was
GWIZZRACING won the best presented team
Sunday and qualifying for the elimination event was tough and would see us in P11 with an 8.049. Round 1 and we were up against Amber Young but with Georgia being a lead foot she ran to quick and broke out  handing Amber the win and that would be the end of the event for us.
We would like to thank Kingsley and the team from the Sunset Strip for putting together an awesome event and to all the companies, businesses and people that sponsored the event.
As always a BIG THANK YOU to all the family and friends that support us and to our sponsors that help make it happen.
F.K.F Mechanical Repairs
Monarch Tattoo Supplies & Tattoo Studio
Coolshirt Systems Australia
Viperizer Racing
Was an amazing weekend. I had the best weekend at the first Junior Nationals. On Saturday the car was running pretty consistent with an 8.08, an 8.09 and an 8.07 in the qualifiers and I won 2 out of 3 races. On Sunday I qualified 4th and beating Charlie by .001 ?? I made it to round 4 but unfortunately lost due to a terrible light but ran an 8.004 on an 8.00 dial in. I am very happy that Kelly Bettes drove my car and I got to act like Aaron a bit?? but overall was an amazing weekend and hopefully I can come back again next year. I’d like to thank all of my sponsors J.S customs, Speedys diff, Powercruise, APM, Liquid Clothing and Tony’s Prestige. I would also like to thank my mum and dad Melissa Smith Trent Smith and my sister Tegan for letting me have this great opportunity and getting the car ready. Hopefully we can come back next year to an amazing event