It has been a turbulent season for the kids and families here on the West Coast without the opportunity to race but they have kept active and in touch with each other and I believe this will keep them strong for racing when they resume. Standing outside looking in it was inspiring to see the support for each other, the support from Kids Australia wide no doubt inspired by the strength and resolve of the Boards Ian, Sonja and Zara who have led by example during their difficult time. [JDA]

“Great night thanks for coming. Great to see kids enjoying themselves, and the big kids climbing and conquering walls. Congrats to Connor Begley, Bailey Ferguson, Kane Higgins and Luke Veersma on leavers awards. And Natalie McClure on club person of the year. You were there all season for everyone, your advice support and leadership was indescribable. You were there for everyone all along, now it is full time for family for both of us. And we will still be there for each other. Thanks to all for their support. Ps thanks Ian and Al. We know you are always there.” [WCJDA]