As we made you all aware we unfortunately could not run a Junior Dragster bracket on race day of the Nostalgia Drags 26th of May but Juniors are more then welcome to come for the Sunday Funday the 27th.
And to do something a bit different our commentator Alan Ward is preparing a Junior Dragster Challenge for the Sunday, like drag challenge racers will be asked to nominate a ET for the day and you can do as many runs as you like for the morning and come 1pm you will be asked to present your time card closest to your nominated time. Trophy awarded to 1st & 2nd. Alan will be your bracket marshal and time card keeper and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask him.
Juniors entry for the Sunday will be $50 for car and driver + $25 per crew. 10 entries minimum needed to run the challenge, come and join the fun weekend.