At the age of 6, Cheyenne Visser made her first meters on the drag strip in Drachten. She is now four years away and the resident of Drachten with her Junior Dragster for the second season in a row in Europe to compete against the foreign competition in the Junior Dragster International Series. Last weekend Cheyenne Visser was in the RAI at the International Amsterdam Motor Show to show her new dragster to the public and to promote the Junior Dragster class. It will not surprise anyone that Cheyenne and her Junior Dragster were not lacking in interest during the International Amsterdam Motor Show held last weekend at the Amsterdam RAI. Especially when the Junior Dragster was started up, the room was filled with curious visitors who were still a little surprised to see that there was a 10-year-old girl in it.There were a lot of questions, but from the various conversations it turned out that many visitors did not even know what dragracing was and that in this fastest branch of the car and motor sport there was also a Junior class.

Cheyenne started drag racing at the age of 6. She was the youngest Junior Dragster Driver in Europe at the time. Cheyenne could literally learn the game in her backyard, during the drag races on the drag strip in Drachten. When she received her drag race license on her 8th birthday, the road to participation in a race abroad was open. In the 2016 season Cheyenne visited several countries and raced at Santa Pod (England), Hockenheim (NitrOlympX, Germany), Clastres (France), Jade Race and Bitburg (Germany). With the matches at Drachten, of course, their own country was not missed. In 2017 it all went a step further and Cheyenne drove the complete Junior Dragster International Series. In this strong competition with countries such as Italy, France and Germany, the Friezin finished in a good eighth place in its first season.

Because every drag racer, however young, always wants faster, at the end of 2017 in England a Junior Dragster of a later year was purchased. This dragster was adapted by the team last winter to the wishes of Cheyenne. After a number of test runs at the home base in Drachten, the new Junior Dragster was tested at full power on a circuit in Emmercompascuum. As it looks now, the times on the 1/8 mile are around 10 seconds and with that, Cheyenne is more than two seconds faster than with her previous Junior Dragster.

The match debut with the new dragster is planned for Cheyenne in early May in Bad Sobernheim. The first round of the Junior Dragster International Series will be held on this German track. This competition will be even more intense this year, as in addition to the riders from Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands, a number of Juniors from Ireland, England and Scotland will also make the crossing to the races on the mainland. The expectation is that Cheyenne will get tough against these experienced Junior riders. The Dutch, however, is determined to improve its eighth place last year. Cheyenne can be followed and supported through her Facebook