Thank you very much to all the sponsors, staff and organizers of the Junior Blast at Willowbank Raceway. I am very proud of James and the strength of character he is developing in this sport. James winner and Kyle runner up show true sportsmanship. [Lowday]

So proud of my little man first win tonight unfortunately he had to beat his best mate to get it but that’s racing! Obe Ward and I took him out testing on Friday night and changed a heap of things and and tried some things to make it easier for him to drive the car and it must have worked he drove like a champ. Huge thanks to all his sponsors Mackays Furniture Transport Crossroads Racing, DBS Motor Sports, Mr Skid Towing, Precision Trailers, Jerry Bickle Racing Components Australia, ET Chassis and Race Cars. Couldn’t do it without all the support we get and a special thanks to my little fat buddy Jake Donnelly I’m not sure you’re an ideal roll model but what do you do. sorry to anyone I forgot. [Pilkington]

So proud of both the boys today. Nix was a little too eager and went -0.019 red 12.441 on a 12.44 dial in unfortunately losing to his best mate. No better way to lose though. Proud of you both, congrats Linc on your win. [Tucker]

Lil R participated in the Junior Dragster Blast event, which also featured the hectic Jet Cars & he loved every minute. The JD brackets were split into 2 so that A & B engines combined to compete & the little C engines were bracketed together; C vs C.. they loved it! It’s hard for the little engines to beat the faster cars so this was really special. There were many prizes, a gift bag & medallion per child & the vibe amongst all the JD families was fantastic. An almighty thanks to Big Brother Jett for his tiresome efforts & to fairy godparents Kelly & Blaze for always being there to support us and work hard.
We are really blessed to be a part of an extended network of such awesome friends who have become like family to us. [Willshire]

Wow what a achievement for Ricki-lee Dransfield. Number 1 qualifier for AJD/BJD Junior Dragster Blast.
R1 win R2 red light and R3 win. She drove like a champion all day!! Big thanks to Dale Duffy from Horsepower solutions for helping us fix Ricki-lee car Friday night at test n tune so it was ready to race Saturday and to Russ, Damo and Ben for your help. [Dransfield]