An outstanding achievement by Oscar to pick up his first 400 Thunder event win and collect the coveted Gold Christmas Tree. Oscar drove the wheels off his Junior Dragster and our McGee motor performed faultlessly. Nicholis got the nod for Runner Up.
IHRA Australia CEO Maurice Allen was there personally to present Oscar with his trophy (p.s. he get a gold one before either one of us Maurice ??).
Thanks to Wallace Bishop for their support of the JD bracket. Also thanks to all the staff, officials and volunteers at Willowbank Raceway | Drag Racing’s Finest for making a great day even better.
Thanks as always to our partners AstralPool Australia, Newline Pool Products, Cheetham Salt and VP Racing Fuels Australia.
Last but not least to our hard working crew and friends, together with the great competitors and families in the bracket, that make it all worth while

Friday was a big day working on Emma with the junior. Emma lost in round 3 with the car having a clutch belt issue causing a slow leave and bad 60 ft time, but I think she worked herself into the points lead in the 400 thunder championship. Then we headed 5 hours to Roma for the Summit event. Emma only won 1 from 3 with 8.79 on a 8.75 but lost round2 by a 2 thousandths breakout 8,748 on a 8.75, then red lit in the last round by 4 thousandths of second but went 8.72 on her 8.72. It was amazing weekend with great tough racing all the junior kids were on point smashing the tree and running rite on there dial ins, a big thank you to the many people that made our weekend so enjoyable it what makes the racing so memorable , There are too many people to mention but most would know who are, from both events. A big thank you to Stihl and QMACS for you continued support of Emma`s journey in this sport we love. Thanks David for the entertainment this arvo, not the way your weekend was meant to end. Thanks to all the staff at Willowbank Raceway and Ironbark Racing for hosting 2 great meetings.

Harrison went out in round one and also headed for Roma to make the Easter weekend