Last night we saw our baby girl Bobbie-Nicole Schluter step into her B/JD Junior Dragster and complete her IHRA License Procedure at Willowbank Raceway.
Thank you to Dylan Leo for taking the time with Bobbie on and off the track preparing not only the car but also Bobbie for a new experience.
Thank you to Scott and Kerry Leo for all the help and Support in changing the whole setup from A/JD to B/JD and being there for support.
Jacob Brown thanks for being there to help with the Setting up on the car and being there on the track with Bobbie and Dylan and getting a routine going it was great to watch you guys.
Shawn Taskis well that car looks awesome , thank you buddy for the paintwork you really managed to Bobbiefy that car.
Taylah-leigh Schluter you are amazing and supportive big sister , thank you for helping Bobbie transition into your old car smoothly. Also thank you to our and Bobbie’s wonderful friends for taking the time to be there to support Bobbie last night Bronwyn , Grant , Kevin , Mark , Brandon , Dave , Rob , Livinia Garside , Ashleigh , David and anyone else I have forgotten to mention that was there.

Connor has a great support team that are there every step of the way. Take young Ashleigh Pinkstone for instance, she let Connor into her car, answered every question he had and is still there supporting him as he continues his Journey into Junior Dragsters. They have become great friends now and he is slowly getting to know the rest of the kids in Juniors.