A knee jerk reaction by a government minister who  knew nothing about the sport has suspended all these kids from racing at the Kwinana Motorplex indefinitely to appease a minority of opinions.
Is there something wrong with the complex?
All other categories are still racing so I assume not.
Most of these Junior Racers have between 3 years and 8 years racing experience each on this track and have achieved that without incident.
They can still race anywhere in Australia where the same rules and safety procedures are applied.
While inquiries must happen in these situations suspending all racers does not achieve much.
It is common knowledge that the parents of this young racer does not support this “suspension” .
The challenge is there for the minister to resolve this situation and get these kids and their teams back racing.

Supporting the Kids. A mother of three Juniors sings the National anthem.

Supporting the Kids A Father of four Juniors with an Ex Junior.